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How can we help? Our Uniden Radar Europe Customer Support page is designed to conveniently walk you through product setup and troubleshooting.

Warranty & Returns

Uniden Europe offers 2 Years warranty for all devices sold over the official channel. Therefore and for the best support experience we highly recommend to buy direct on our website.

In case you can not find a solution in our technical support section, you can send us a message with your device type, date of purchase and serial number and your issue. We will give the needed support, repair or replace your defective device.

We provide our customers with 30 days return policy on our products.

Yes! We do not charge shipping costs for returns under the right of return.

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Technical support & Updates

Our devices are already delivered with a pre-installed database for whole Europe. So you only need to unpack the device and turn it on after you attach the device to the windshield (our recommendation).

We recommend updating the database and firmware every month or quarter. Our customers can find the software in their customer account under Updates.

If you are sure that it is a radar based emmiting speed trap and that was also active – both possibilities are more common, because many traps are not always switched on or do not use radar for measuring.

We recommend to check the radar frequency settings list with our recommendations for the respective country.

Laser technology is one of the most difficult to detect measurement methods in speed traps. Several factors are decisive here: The laser beam is very thin and can therefore only be detected if it also targets the radar detector.

Tip: the closer the device is to the license plate of the car, the more likely it is that the device can also detect the laser beam. In addition, there is another problem that the windshield of the car also deflects the laser beams, which can also make detection more difficult.

The third problem with laser measurement is that laser traps do not emit lasers permanently, as is the case with speed traps, but are only activated a few meters in front of the vehicle for just under a fraction of a second, and they can only be detected then.

Of course, you should also check the setting first to see if laser detection has been activated on your Uniden device.

Distribution will start in 2023 and we will publish the distributors for Europe here as well, if they want to and we can make a recommendation.

Then just write us a message via email or our contact form. Our support team is anxious to give an answer within 24h.

The use and possession of radar detectors and laser detectors is regulated differently in each country. And we can not give advice here and therefore recommend to inform yourself about the restrictions beforehand.

For each country we recommend different settings. please contact us for the newest settings needed for your area.

Shipping & recent orders

We serve our EU customers with free or express shipping from our distribution center in Germany. In most cases the shipping will take 1-3 working days. For customers outside of EU the shipping method and costs are shown on our checkout section depending on you address.

In most cases our free shipping method will take 1-3 working days and express delivery 24h within Europe.

As soon as your order is processed, you will automatically receive an email with the shipping details.

Please note that for standard shipping it can take up to 24h between the creation of the shipping label and the online availability of the tracking data at the delivery service.

If you want to give a gift certificate, just contact our sales with the amount you want. We will be happy to issue a gift certificate as you wish.