Radar Detectors

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  • UNIDEN R8 Europe Extreme Long-Range Radar/Laser Detector


    The all-new Uniden R8 radar detector is the newest addition to the industry’s most talked about line of radar detectors. Its dual antenna allows the R8 to detect threats from all 4 directions, with voice alerts for the direction of threat. It even shows the direction, band, and signal strength for each. Perfect just got better. Now available as european version.

  • UNIDEN R4 Europe Long-Range Radar/Laser Detector


    The Uniden R4, is an all new platform with a much greater range. It has a new Auto Mute Memory feature, which automatically locks out false alert locations. The R4 also has the best K Band filter on the market, offering the least amount of false alerts from blind spot monitors and K Band sensors in other vehicles. When you need the best information possible, and none of the noise, Uniden’s R4 Extreme puts you miles ahead.